Get Home Staging & Design Consulting Services For The Boise Area

Whether it’s pets, pools, or property we make the property look it’s best by ensuring prospective buyers see your home in the best light, so your home can find it’s new home.

Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation

The homeowner or Listing Agent can make notes as we consult at what needs to be done. The work can be completed by the home owner or you can hire Phillips to help do part or all of the work. Consultations start at $75/hr. and usually takes less than an hour.

Vacant Home Staging

Full service staging with the Phillips Team. We provide furniture, rugs (if applicable), artwork, accessories, bedding, lamps and plants to stage your home. We will stage as many or as few rooms as your budget allows. Price varies and is available upon request.  We don’t quote a price here as every home is unique.

Get Your Home Styled & Ready To Move

Get consulting by the hour to get an idea of what needs to happen. Starting at $75/hr.

Occupied Home Staging

We will rearrange the homeowner’s existing furniture, and add accessories and rental furniture as needed. Every Occupied home staging begins with a paid Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation (starting at $75). At that time we will discuss which pieces of furniture we may be able to use in staging your home. The homeowner can do all or part of the work. Phillips Staging & Design can provide additional furniture, artwork and accessories, as needed to make your home stand out from the competition!

It wasn’t until I saw the pictures online that it fully sunk in how amazing the transformation you accomplished here is. I had a “whose beautiful house is that?” moment while I was staring at the monitor.

…The best decision we made in this whole process was hiring you. It’s no exaggeration to say that we couldn’t have gotten any of this done without you — we didn’t even know where to begin.

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job here!

JP, Eagle

Curb Appeal

Allow us to make the outside of your home as inviting as the inside.

Corporate Relocation Staging

Staging to sell the home of  the relocated Executive or employee, as well as setting up furniture and households for incoming Executive or employees. Furniture used to set up the new home can be rented or purchased. We also work with the relocated family’s existing furnishings.

Interior Design Services

Phillips Home Staging & Design is an winning Interior Design company. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces – we do it all.

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